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Learn from the Pros.  There are different options for preventing and treating dental disease.  You will find information about that on this below.

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a simple and effective way to control cavity activity and spread.

Traditionally, pediatric crowns have been made of stainless steel and hence were silver in colour.  Modern pediatric crowns are available in a white ceramic called zirconia.

Aggressive and widespread decay of the front teeth is common in young children who are given food to bed.  When this occurs, there are ways to stop it and repair the damage.

Sealing the grooves and fissures of new molars, especially the first adult molars that erupt at age 6, is an excellent way to reduce the chance of decay.

Sealants for Newly Erupted Molars

Sealants for Newly Erupted Molars

Prevention of Dental Decay

Prevention of Dental Decay

Dental decay is the most common childhood disease and is 100% preventable.  Learn how to prevent decay and learn how to stop it once it starts.

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