Philosophy of Care

Philosophy of Care

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If you are considering bringing your child for an consult, or have been referred to us, this article will help you prepare for your visit. Most parents are nervous about their children seeing a dentist, and I hope some of this information will put you at ease.

The dentists that practice here are board certified specialist in pediatric dentistry. They have complete years of post-graduate training above and beyond that of a family dentist and have passed the rigorous licensing process to become a specialist. All of our staff are especially sensitive of the needs of young children.

We are a dental office specialized in and committed to helping children get proper oral healthcare

Treating teeth is easy. Taking care of kids is hard.

Anyone who has tried will attest to that. We make every effort to provide a nurturing environment where both parents and children are comfortable. Some kids will have the emotional maturity to cope well with dental treatment and some have not yet reached that emotional milestone. Treatment options are tailored to each child’s maturity level and ability to cope.

Help your child build a strong beautiful smile that projects confidence. My advice to you is to start early and be prevention minded

Dental cavities are the most common childhood disease, far more common than asthma, and are 100% preventable.  It is not enough to remove dental decay once a cavity has started.  We strive to do more than that.  With the right information and a little hard work, we can show you how to keep kids cavity-free for a lifetime.

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