Canada Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

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Quick Facts

  • The CDCP is a federally administered dental program for Canadians without private dental insurance
  • Like other dental insurance,
  • it is not Free Dental Care – most patients will have out of pocket expenses
  • Applications must be filed ONLINE directly with Health Canada
  • There are only Two Requirements to be Eligible
    1. No Private Dental Insurance
    2. Household Income below $90,000/year
  • Coverage level is dependent on Household Income
  • Co-Pays & Costs not covered by CDCP are payable directly to the dental office at time of service

Canada Dental Care Plan (CDCP)
  • Our office is participating in the Federal Canada Dental Care Plan and patients eligible for this plan can use it to help with the cost of dental care for their children.
  • You must apply for this program directly with Health Canada (application link), and we are not able to process your application or complete it for you.
  • The application is available online and can be completed quickly.

There are only two requirements for eligibility for this new program. You must

  1. Not be eligible for private dental insurance
  2. Have a household income below $90,000/yr (below $70,000/yr required for the best coverage).

The CDCP is like other dental insurance plans in that it is not free dental care and does not cover all costs of dental treatment, and there will be some out of pocket expenses for patients. For patients with a household income above $70,000/year, Health Canada also mandates co-pays that are required at the time of treatment. Regardless of household income level, the plan does not cover all costs of care, and patients will have some out of pocket costs.

Patients in our office will be given detailed information about any costs that they will be responsible for before any treatment is rendered through our office. The costs vary based on your household income level and what treatment is planned. The Canadian Dental Care Plan is not as simple as we would like it to be and unfortunately we have no control over how it is administered or structured. Concerns about the structure of the plan should be forwarded directly to Health Canada.

Patient who are eligible can still use Healthy Smiles Ontario coverage for costs that that are not covered by the Canadian Dental Care Plan. Co-pays under this new program are determined by the Federal Government and are not at our discretion.

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