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Dentistry Asleep at our Surgical Suite

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When extensive treatment is required or when a child has had a bad dental experience in the past, it is often best to have dental treatment completed under a general anesthetic (asleep).

There are benefits to having dental treatment done while asleep.

  • Less stress on the child and prevents dental anxiety
  • Complicated treatment can be completed quickly and with a high degree of quality
  • Saves time off work / school because treatment finished in one visit

Our in-office Surgi-Centre has a 20+ year safety record.  It allows us to offer a prompt and convenient method to deliver quality dental care.  Both Dr. Goralski and Dr. Morley are also on-staff with the Dept. of Surgery at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, and Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston.  They frequently provide treatment under anesthesia at these two hospitals.

Whether in-hospital or at our Surgi-Centre, there is a separate medical doctor to provide anesthesia and a surgeon – in this case the Pediatric Dentist –  to provide the dental treatment.  This is the medical model used in hospitals to provide treatment under general anesthesia.  You have two doctors taking care of your child during the procedure.

Because the anesthetic is provided by a medical doctor – a medical anesthesiologist – our Surgi-Centre is accredited by both the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario – the dental licensing body in Ontario – and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario – the medical licensing body in Ontario.  The same standard of care is maintained whether we are treating patient in the hospital operating rooms, or at our Surgi-Centre.

Going to Sleep & Waking

Whether in-hospital or at the Surgi-Centre, kids go to asleep by breathing anesthetic gases and no needles are used to have them asleep. Once asleep, they are intubated and intravenous fluids are provided. The procedure typically lasts 60-120 minutes. Typical recovery before being discharged home is 1-2 hours. This is strictly an outpatient procedure and most kids are back to their usual active selves by the following day.

Considerations & Experience

As with all things in healthcare, there are advantages and disadvantages to dental treatment under general anesthetic. We encourage you to speak with one of the Pediatric Dentists at our office to have a more detailed discussion on the pros and cons of various treatment options. Because they have specific training in the full spectrum of management options for children – from behavior management, to sedation, to general anesthesia – they are well equipped to discuss all your options.

Surgi Suite Negative Pressure HEPA Filtration

We took the opportunity presented by the spring COVID shutdown to improve our facilites and better accommodate safe dental care during the pandemic. A central HEPA filtration system was installed in our Surgi Suite that removes and filters all the room air in the suite at over 35 times per hour. This system effectively creates a negative pressure isolation room, where air is removed from the room taking with it any potential aerosols and droplets.

This is similar to what is done in hospitals to contain the potential spread of airborne diseases. We have done this to protect patients and staff during these difficult times.

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